“I genuinely enjoyed this course. I feel like I’ve
learnt a lot about my own teaching methods and this
course will have a big impact on how I teach from
now on. The instructors very quick in evaluating my
work. Overall I found it to be very useful.


“Erudical is a fantastic resource for junior doctors
interested in teaching. I wasn’t sure about
undertaking a formal teaching course but this
covered a broad range of theories in an engaging
manner. More importantly, content was relatable with
multiple real-world examples for bedside and
skills-based teaching.


“Great learning platform.
Amazing techniques to practice
Good time frame to complete the assignments
Great feedback from instructors.


“A very practically useful course which can be taken
in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace
and on your own schedule. An added benefit is that
the course is competitively priced


“Really convenient way of obtaining more teaching
skills and will certainly make me approach things


“Excellent course, easy to do around on calls etc as
you can access small chunks as and when you have the


“I believe the course material is rich with learning,
teaching and feedback concepts that were very easy
to understand and to start practicing in my daily
live as a clinical practitioner. I will now highly
recommend the course to my friends wanting to
progress on their clinical teaching careers.


“A really enjoyable course, which looks at teaching
from a perspective which I have not had the chance
to explore before. This course is going to really
make me plan more effectively before I carry out
teaching sessions on the ward and hopefully this
will have a beneficial effect for my future


“I certify that this course is one of the best I have
ever taken. The knowledge and experience I had from
it are invaluable. I still remember a lot of its
material contrary to most of other courses. The flow
of education is amazing!


“This course is very comprehensive, covering a wide
range of topics. Erudical proves to be very good
value when comparing it with its competitors,
along with it being able to be completed entirely
from home – I would very much recommend it!