“Thanks. I learned a lot from that course. To be
honest, it even exceeded my expectations.


“This is a great online teaching course, I was able
to approach it in my own time, at a pace and timing
suitable alongside busy work schedules. It allowed
me to review important theoretical topics and
certainly has already improved my teaching skills.
It has given me tools to take forward into my career


“Super course! ST grade surgeon, I teach students all the time and
I am sure I will be putting all those skills to work
starting from today! I learned many new things that I am
sure will be very useful in the future. Thank you!


“Excellent experience, helped me understand teaching
principals better, which I look forward to utilising
in the near future!


“Really enjoyed the course and glad it was not one
that you had to finish in one sitting


“This was a great, accessible and informative course.
It had all the elements of a teaching course but for
a lesser price and people that run this course are
very supportive. Any time I had an issue they got
back to me within 72 hours! Keep up the good work
guys and thanks for this


“I liked the course and that you can space the
material however you are comfortable. The modules
themselves were not too short or too long and the
material was presented in an easily digestible
manner. Well worth the money


“Excellent course! Thoroughly enjoyed it and so
beneficial to be able to complete in my own time.
Relevant topics that can really be put into practice
as a clinical teacher.


“This has broadened my teaching perspective in that
there are different learning styles that I need to
consider when delivering a session that could help
further engage my future my students. I believe this
will be really helpful as I become a more confident
teacher / mentor to future medical students and I
can’t wait to put it into more practice. Thank you!


“A flexible, effective online teaching course that
can be easily slotted in to a busy schedule!