“It was a great course and I learned a lot. I would
definitely recommend it to all my peers . It has
certainly changed my style of teaching and helped me
a lot in my career.


“I personally feel the course is outstanding and
empowering. I believe it will bring changes in my
teaching and some way in my way of learning as well.

“Thorough, and an easy way of completing anaccredited teach the teacher course from your ownhome.”

“I was keen to develop my teaching skills in my own
time and this resource was perfect! Very convenient
and the content was relevant


“Overall a fantastic course. Provides useful
information on different types of learners, how to
teach, how to obtain high quality feedback. Would
recommend to colleagues.


“… I really enjoyed doing the two
assignments as they allowed me to put into real life
practice what I had been learning about and have
personalised feedback.
[It] did take me longer than expected… however I was
able to complete the course alongside a fulltime
medical job so it is doable!
I would recommend this course to others in my


“The course exceeded my expectations & has really
made me re-evaluate how to plan and conduct teaching
sessions in future. I’ve learned a huge amount


“I really enjoyed the course. It did help me become a
better clinical teacher. I take pride in my teaching
and my passion for it. I can see in sessions I’ve
conducted after starting the course that I have
become better able to engage with my students and
run more interactive sessions. I highly recommend
the course.


“Excellent resource material, concise and very
engaging. Amazing value for money


“Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Gave specific
feedback on a personal level to encourage growth in
different planned teaching scenarios. Taught the
fundamental principles of teaching while keeping
things relevant to life as a doctor.