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“Erudical is a great platform to build upon teaching skills remotely through a user friendly format. I found it very engaging and learnt a lot about how to deliver successful teaching sessions.”

The Average Life of a Junior Doctor

On calls

Changing jobs


Job Applications

Changing Hospitals

End of Year Sign Offs

So who has the time to going to a teaching course?!

Medicine is a vocation – there is no escaping teaching.

That’s where Erudical comes in.

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Aimed at junior doctors, created by junior doctors and medical students. Those who are most in contact with clinical teaching and experience the difficulties of it everyday.



Created with consultants from several hospitals from conception to birth – guiding us with their teaching training and decades of experience between them.

Meet the Creators
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Dr Aayushi Sen completed her pre-clinical studies at the University of Cambridge, graduating with a BA Neuroscience (Hons.) and her clinical studies at Imperial College, London, graduating with a Distinction in Clinical Sciences. She completed an Academic Foundation Programme at the University Hospitals of Leicester, where she conducted research into ILC2 cells in wheezing children; the results of which have been presented at multiple international conferences globally. She then worked in emergency medicine and cardiology at a major tertiary Cardio-thoracic centre in Brisbane, Australia. During this time she also co-authored The Ultimate OSCE History Guide; a textbook to help medical students crack the secret to passing the pesky OSCE exams. She is currently an Academic Clinical Fellow in Neurology in Oxford.

She launched into working on Erudical (formerly Teacher of Tomorrow) after realising the difficulty faced by junior doctors wanting further training in teaching, and the lack of comprehensive options online. It proved to be a delightful challenge that has resulted in the lauded teaching course you see today.


Dr Rohan Agarwal is Director of Operations at UniAdmissions. He graduated from Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, and is now a fully qualified Doctor. Over the last five years, he has tutored hundreds of successful Oxbridge and Medical applicants and authored fifty books on admissions tests and interviews. He has taught physiology to undergraduates and interviewed medical school applicants for Cambridge. He has also published research on bone physiology and writes education articles for the Independent and Huffington Post.

He got involved in Erudical to help students and doctors once they were fully qualified. With years of teaching and training in teaching behind him, he has been invaluable in providing guidance on the most important and practical things needed in day-to-day teaching. He hopes passing on his hard earned knowledge will serve you well in the future.

Meet a few of our contributors...

Zenab China is a doctor who has a plethora of experience tutoring one-to-one all the way to teaching groups of 30 students or more over the last 4 years.

Haroon Ahmed Photo1

Haroon Ahmed has tutored several groups of medical students over the last couple of years and honed his skills, especially in bedside teaching.

Anni Ding is a doctor in the Northwest Thames deanery and has extensive experience both with teaching small groups of medical students and help run examinations.

katherine jones 1

Katherine Jones has worked with tutoring of students through several modalities, online, in person and workshops, over the last 3 years.


Zhen Cahilog has tutored medical students and helped organise larger courses for them also. She helps the Erudical teach the teacher course with her experience.


Shani De Soysa has years of experience tutoring medical students and has used her knowledge and tips and tricks in our Erudical Online Course to help you!

What our students have to say about us

“The course is great. I recommend to any oneinterested in medical teaching. It will make a greatchange in the way you think and practice teaching“


“Absolutely brilliant course – so good to be able todo a good value teaching course at my own pacewithout having to take time off work. It has madeteaching so much more enjoyable and is something Inow look forward to.“


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Erudical Teaching program.The course has aided my teaching development and hasimproved my small, large group and bedside teachingstyle. I feel more confident providing effective anduseful feedback.“


“Really highly recommended. I have shared your sitewith my fellow colleagues, especially those applyingfor ST3 interviews. I don’t think I could have had abetter experience had I attended a course in person.“


“I am grateful to the team for providing an onlinecourse option when I was stuck finding dates tophysically attend a course between my on calls. Thecourse is excellently designed that even adisinterested learner would definitely learn aboutthe teaching methods and feedback. The complexity ofthe topics has been broken down to make it easier tolearn. And…


“In all honesty, a primary reason for doing thiscourse is for certification in train the trainerscourse. And in all honesty again, I actually foundthis course incredibly useful, and I am really gladI have done it now. I will implement a lot of what Ilearnt into the course I run, which is the largestophthalmology revision course…


“Very good, and actually very informative. It willdefinitely influence the way I plan teaching andpresentations from now on. Very much recommend.“


“I found the course to be comprehensive and I reallyappreciate and value the tutors prompt assessment ofmy assignments and valuable feedback!“


“Great course indeed. I regret that I didn’t take itearlier on. Will help me greatly in my future teachingendeavours.“


“I enjoyed the course far more than I would haveexpected. Although some people (me included) haveaccessed the course to improve their applicationscores, I have changed the way I approach bothbedside teaching and large group teaching to make itclearer, more accessible and less dry.“


“I would very much recommend this online teach theteacher course for doctors. This course is a veryquick way to get a clear and deep understanding ofthe concepts of teaching doctors and medicalstudents. The course is very good value for money,and it will help with progression on to trainingcourses.“


“A fantastic teaching course, hosted on a veryengaging, user-friendly and motivating website. Thecourse is available to do in your own time…perfect tofit around working a full-time rota. I had somelogin issues, but the team responded very rapidly(even on weekend evenings!), they were impeccablyfriendly and swiftly fixed the problem. Look nofurther for a teaching course for…


“This is one of the best teaching courses I haveattended. There was emphasis for all types andaspects of teaching. I can apply the learning intopractice and will recommend this course to mycolleagues.“


“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have beenteaching for so many years without understanding theactual methods, techniques, styles of teachingtailored to the learners. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderfulopportunity for students like us.“


“I’ve found this course useful especially forpreparing bedside teaching, giving feedback and fortips regarding establishing prior knowledge basebefore teaching.“


“Really useful, well thought out course whichencourages learners and delivers teaching in a clearconcise way!“


“Thank you very much for compiling this course andthis material. I have found it very useful and hopeto use these methods going forward. I willdefinitely recommend the course to my friends andcolleagues.“


“I thoroughly enjoyed this course! It was veryinteractive and used various methods of deliveringinformation within each module. The use of examplesreally helped with my understanding of some of theconcepts. I look forward to applying these in myclinical practice. Thank you very much!“


“Great online course. I felt I learnt a lot from thiscourse, probably more than my colleague who havedone two day Virtual courses with active audiences.“


“I found the course useful as it is an easy read andcan be done even after a long day at work . Thetasks are very doable .“


“I genuinely enjoyed this course. I feel like I’velearnt a lot about my own teaching methods and thiscourse will have a big impact on how I teach fromnow on. The instructors very quick in evaluating mywork. Overall I found it to be very useful.“


“Erudical is a fantastic resource for junior doctorsinterested in teaching. I wasn’t sure aboutundertaking a formal teaching course but thiscovered a broad range of theories in an engagingmanner. More importantly, content was relatable withmultiple real-world examples for bedside andskills-based teaching.“


“Great learning platform.Amazing techniques to practiceGood time frame to complete the assignmentsGreat feedback from instructors.“


“A very practically useful course which can be takenin the comfort of your own home, at your own paceand on your own schedule. An added benefit is thatthe course is competitively priced“


“Really convenient way of obtaining more teachingskills and will certainly make me approach thingsdifferently.“


“Excellent course, easy to do around on calls etc asyou can access small chunks as and when you have thetime“


“I believe the course material is rich with learning,teaching and feedback concepts that were very easyto understand and to start practicing in my dailylive as a clinical practitioner. I will now highlyrecommend the course to my friends wanting toprogress on their clinical teaching careers.“


“A really enjoyable course, which looks at teachingfrom a perspective which I have not had the chanceto explore before. This course is going to reallymake me plan more effectively before I carry outteaching sessions on the ward and hopefully thiswill have a beneficial effect for my futurestudents!“


“I certify that this course is one of the best I haveever taken. The knowledge and experience I had fromit are invaluable. I still remember a lot of itsmaterial contrary to most of other courses. The flowof education is amazing!“


“This course is very comprehensive, covering a widerange of topics. Erudical proves to be very goodvalue when comparing it with its competitors,along with it being able to be completed entirelyfrom home – I would very much recommend it!“


“I really enjoyed this course, Erudical teachingcourse is very well designed with medicalprofessionals/doctors in mind… I learnt a lot, especially as itwas centred around real life clinical scenariosthat we would come across in practice rather thangeneric teaching theory. With it also beingaccredited and be of value in specialty trainingapplications, I would definitely recommend this tomy…


“Fantastic course, easy to use and navigate, provideda lot of excellence teaching ideas.“


“As a clinical skills tutor for medical students, Iwas skeptical as to how much the Erudical coursewould really improve my teaching ability. But I canpositively say, that I now have a much deeperunderstanding of teaching theories and feel muchmore confident during teaching sessions!“


“Brilliant course. Very accessible. Nice being ableto use on my phone also offline.“


“This course was competitivelypriced and allowed me to complete the modules aroundmy work shifts… a great introduction to teachingconcepts and has allowed me to be more aware of howI plan lessons and provide feedback to students in amore constructive way. “


“I am regularly involved in the teaching of medicalstudents, but often find myself teaching in a stylethat suits MY own personal learning style. Thanks tothis course I realise that different people learnoptimally in different ways…Brilliant course, accessible from the comfort ofyour own home, thank you!“


“A great course. It was wonderful having everythingonline so that I could complete it as and when Ihave time. Its difficult to get 2 days off work todo some of the other courses whereas I could do alittle bit of this every day. It had all theinformation I needed to help me improve my teaching.It…


“Excellent course, easy to follow and veryinformative – would definitely recommend!“


“Thanks for the course.Although theory heavy, I have used it during my ownteaching activities in the last month and it helpedme to be more reflective, add some structure andremain learner focussed throughout. It has no doubtimproved the quality of my teaching“


“Really useful online course, preferred this to an inperson course“


“Thanks. I learned a lot from that course. To behonest, it even exceeded my expectations.“


“This is a great online teaching course, I was ableto approach it in my own time, at a pace and timingsuitable alongside busy work schedules. It allowedme to review important theoretical topics andcertainly has already improved my teaching skills.It has given me tools to take forward into my career“


“Super course! ST grade surgeon, I teach students all the time andI am sure I will be putting all those skills to workstarting from today! I learned many new things that I amsure will be very useful in the future. Thank you!“


“Excellent experience, helped me understand teachingprincipals better, which I look forward to utilisingin the near future!“


“Really enjoyed the course and glad it was not onethat you had to finish in one sitting“


“This was a great, accessible and informative course.It had all the elements of a teaching course but fora lesser price and people that run this course arevery supportive. Any time I had an issue they gotback to me within 72 hours! Keep up the good workguys and thanks for this“


“I liked the course and that you can space thematerial however you are comfortable. The modulesthemselves were not too short or too long and thematerial was presented in an easily digestiblemanner. Well worth the money“


“Excellent course! Thoroughly enjoyed it and sobeneficial to be able to complete in my own time.Relevant topics that can really be put into practiceas a clinical teacher.“


“This has broadened my teaching perspective in thatthere are different learning styles that I need toconsider when delivering a session that could helpfurther engage my future my students. I believe thiswill be really helpful as I become a more confidentteacher / mentor to future medical students and Ican’t wait to put it into more practice.…


“A flexible, effective online teaching course thatcan be easily slotted in to a busy schedule!“


“It was a great course and I learned a lot. I woulddefinitely recommend it to all my peers . It hascertainly changed my style of teaching and helped mea lot in my career.“


“I personally feel the course is outstanding andempowering. I believe it will bring changes in myteaching and some way in my way of learning as well.“


“Thorough, and an easy way of completing anaccredited teach the teacher course from your ownhome.”


“I was keen to develop my teaching skills in my owntime and this resource was perfect! Very convenientand the content was relevant“


“Overall a fantastic course. Provides usefulinformation on different types of learners, how toteach, how to obtain high quality feedback. Wouldrecommend to colleagues.“


“… I really enjoyed doing the twoassignments as they allowed me to put into real lifepractice what I had been learning about and havepersonalised feedback.[It] did take me longer than expected… however I wasable to complete the course alongside a fulltimemedical job so it is doable!I would recommend this course to others in myposition“


“The course exceeded my expectations & has reallymade me re-evaluate how to plan and conduct teachingsessions in future. I’ve learned a huge amount“


“I really enjoyed the course. It did help me become abetter clinical teacher. I take pride in my teachingand my passion for it. I can see in sessions I’veconducted after starting the course that I havebecome better able to engage with my students andrun more interactive sessions. I highly recommendthe course.“


“Excellent resource material, concise and veryengaging. Amazing value for money“


“Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Gave specificfeedback on a personal level to encourage growth indifferent planned teaching scenarios. Taught thefundamental principles of teaching while keepingthings relevant to life as a doctor.“


Thank you for a very useful course, with lots to think about and consider. I definitely feel more confident to give talks/tutorials/bedside teaching.


The course is great. I recommend to any one interested in medical teaching. It will make a great change in the way you think and practice teaching .


Thanks for the course! Really enjoyed it and found it very useful. 


Erudical is a great platform to build upon teaching skills remotely through a user friendly format. These are skills that I will certainly be using as I progress in my career as a doctor


I enjoyed the course. Great way to learn online! Thanks. 


A good range of topics are covered in the Erudical Course, including both the theoretical basis of different learning theories and styles as well as their practical applications.


I found the Erudical Online Teaching Coures very engaging and I learnt a lot about how to deliver successful teaching sessions.


The modules are well-structured with clear objectives and take-home messages. Use of different formats, including Prezi, as well as regular testing helped me stay engaged with the content.


Great material, well presented and I really like the gamification! Very satisfying to progress through the modules and learn about teaching in such a relevant way.


This course has developed my teaching skills and I now feel more confident delivering bedside teaching on the ward.


I found the Erudical course really useful and it covered areas of learning theory I hadn’t come across before.


In depth teaching course which kept me engaged throughout with useful quizzes to test my knowledge. A useful way for junior doctors to reflect on and improve their teaching skills in a flexible and user-friendly way!


The Erudical Online Teaching Course has a user-friendly interface which is easy to navigate. A system of winning badges for completing different segments is a fun and engaging way to help the learner stay motivated!


A great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about learning theory. This course has really helped me to plan and carry out more effective teaching sessions. The individual feedback I received on my coursework was also really helpful.


This is a great teaching course! It is an easy to use platform with regular quizzes to reinforce learning. It is a comprehensive introduction to many new concepts that I hope to use to improve my teaching experiences in the future.