CPD UK – Erudical Profile

As of November 2020 Erudical has been certified by CPD UK as meeting the standards of continuing professional development, further learning structure and values. We always knew our course was excellent, and this has been confirmed with many glowing testimonials through the years.

The total time recorded online for our course is an average of 12 hours (you can evidence the actual time you spent in your portfolio accurately using our dashboard). On top of that our students spend time planning and delivering lessons, reflecting on these, then writing and submitting assignments. This totals well above the average teaching time of 2 day courses. 

Regarding CPD points, there is not a specified number of points awarded for the course as the allocation varies depending on the speciality you belong to, and this course caters to a wide range of health care professionals. For example, the Royal College of Physicians gives 1 point per hour of work done towards CPD, whereas the Royal College of Obstetricians gives 1 credit for every 3 hours. You will have to check with your relevant body, and count it accordingly.

The most important thing for you and your applications is what you have gained from the course, and how you apply it. You get personalised feedback on your assignments, that you can use to demonstrate learning, as well as certificates demonstrating CPD accreditation. We’ve not heard of anyone having trouble with the points they earn completing our course but, of course, the examiners on the day always have the final say.

We hope you will continue to join us for your journey of medical learning with our unparalleled teach the teacher course, especially for doctors, by doctors.

Hope to you see online and learning soon!