“The course is great. I recommend to any one
interested in medical teaching. It will make a great
change in the way you think and practice teaching


“Absolutely brilliant course – so good to be able to
do a good value teaching course at my own pace
without having to take time off work. It has made
teaching so much more enjoyable and is something I
now look forward to.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Erudical Teaching program.
The course has aided my teaching development and has
improved my small, large group and bedside teaching
style. I feel more confident providing effective and
useful feedback.


“Really highly recommended. I have shared your site
with my fellow colleagues, especially those applying
for ST3 interviews. I don’t think I could have had a
better experience had I attended a course in person.


“I am grateful to the team for providing an online
course option when I was stuck finding dates to
physically attend a course between my on calls. The
course is excellently designed that even a
disinterested learner would definitely learn about
the teaching methods and feedback. The complexity of
the topics has been broken down to make it easier to
learn. And finally, I thank the support the team
provided when I contacted them!


“In all honesty, a primary reason for doing this
course is for certification in train the trainers
course. And in all honesty again, I actually found
this course incredibly useful, and I am really glad
I have done it now. I will implement a lot of what I
learnt into the course I run, which is the largest
ophthalmology revision course in western hemisphere.
I am also thinking about pursuing further medical
education studies now!
Thank you for a great course.


“Very good, and actually very informative. It will
definitely influence the way I plan teaching and
presentations from now on. Very much recommend.


“I found the course to be comprehensive and I really
appreciate and value the tutors prompt assessment of
my assignments and valuable feedback!


“Great course indeed. I regret that I didn’t take it
earlier on. Will help me greatly in my future teaching


“I enjoyed the course far more than I would have
expected. Although some people (me included) have
accessed the course to improve their application
scores, I have changed the way I approach both
bedside teaching and large group teaching to make it
clearer, more accessible and less dry.