“I really enjoyed this course, Erudical teaching
course is very well designed with medical
professionals/doctors in mind… I learnt a lot, especially as it
was centred around real life clinical scenarios
that we would come across in practice rather than
generic teaching theory. With it also being
accredited and be of value in specialty training
applications, I would definitely recommend this to
my friends and colleagues in the field. Excellent


“Fantastic course, easy to use and navigate, provided
a lot of excellence teaching ideas.


“As a clinical skills tutor for medical students, I
was skeptical as to how much the Erudical course
would really improve my teaching ability. But I can
positively say, that I now have a much deeper
understanding of teaching theories and feel much
more confident during teaching sessions!


“Brilliant course. Very accessible. Nice being able
to use on my phone also offline.


“This course was competitively
priced and allowed me to complete the modules around
my work shifts… a great introduction to teaching
concepts and has allowed me to be more aware of how
I plan lessons and provide feedback to students in a
more constructive way.


“I am regularly involved in the teaching of medical
students, but often find myself teaching in a style
that suits MY own personal learning style. Thanks to
this course I realise that different people learn
optimally in different ways…Brilliant course, accessible from the comfort of
your own home, thank you!


“A great course. It was wonderful having everything
online so that I could complete it as and when I
have time. Its difficult to get 2 days off work to
do some of the other courses whereas I could do a
little bit of this every day. It had all the
information I needed to help me improve my teaching.
It is also so reasonably priced!


“Excellent course, easy to follow and very
informative – would definitely recommend!


“Thanks for the course.
Although theory heavy, I have used it during my own
teaching activities in the last month and it helped
me to be more reflective, add some structure and
remain learner focussed throughout. It has no doubt
improved the quality of my teaching


“Really useful online course, preferred this to an in
person course